Wednesday, March 30, 2011

TRON dance party

Weighted's kicking things off sponsoring the ultimate TRON dance party.
Picture this:
Black lights
Everyone dressed in all black or all white
Lots of Daftpunk

It's all going down between 9 pm - 1 am on Friday, April 1st.
Yes, we know you might have a mission reunion that night. But that's why we timed it so you can come AFTER. The party will be hopping all night long and needs your attendance.

Entry: $3/person, $5/couple

Glowsticks: 3 sticks/$1
Water: $1

721 Columbia Lane
(located directly across the street behind D.I.)
It's difficult to find, so you'll need to look for the "Adventure Time" preschool signs. ProvoCreative is located directly behind (west) of Adventure Time. Look for the TRON posters as well.
THERE IS NO PARKING AT PROVOCREATIVE. Please use the street parking out front.

All proceeds benefit the BYU student capstone, Weighted, to be filmed this spring and released this summer.

MORE INFO HERE:!/event.php?eid=101116623306745 

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